My name is Joshua Makal. I am a passionate leader of transformational change who loves to courageously solve complex problems under pressure. I am driven to enable team members to create innovative solutions and deliver exceptional results. I strive to elevate people and organizations to greatness through the collaborative design and implementation of novel business processes. My results provide solutions to my company’s most critical opportunities for competitive advantage.

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Starbucks’ Employees Are Impacting Their Image

As part of my digital marketing class in business school, my team performed a data analysis exercise where we gathered social media chatter from multiple resources over the course of a week and analyzed it for trends and interesting information. Because the exercise provided some very insightful conclusions about employee’s impact to a company’s public …

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New Manager Road Map

The Toughest Career Transformation

As a people manager, I routinely ask myself the question “am I spending enough time with each of my directs?” My obligations as a manager and my capacity to represent my organization are frequently in opposition with one another. I have come to appreciate the truth in the adage “a leader’s most precious and constrained …

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Generations in the Workplace

Leading across generations

Recently at work we have seen a large influx of new employees following a period of stagnation. This has led to a large gap in age between our youngest employees, fresh out of school, and the older employees who have spent over a decade in their role. This got me to thinking about how we …

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Leader or Manager?

Do You Have Managers or Leaders?

One of the most critical issues that companies are facing today is the fact that many organizations have a combination of both managers and influential leaders. The problem with this statement is that there are many examples where the effective leader is not the manager. I have had the pleasure of working for charismatic leaders who evoke an …

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